Alex and Midori are ballroom dance professionals and have been competing around the globe for more than 20 years. In 2009 they open their own private dance studio, Astoria Ballroom, in Orange County, CA, where they can polish and teach their craft. The gleaming hardwood floors and mirrored walls of their Astoria Ballroom are the perfect surroundings for perfecting your dance steps.

They teach everyone from newlyweds to retired couples become elegant and confident dancers. Despite having clients in the upper echelons of athletic prowess, their teaching method allows for adjusting to the level required—beginner or advanced professional dancer. Their love of teaching and training is clear and they love to lead people to become their best selves, even into the competitive arena.

Not only have they earned many of their own awards with mesmerizing performances, they have taught others to do the same. Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Misty May, and her husband, Matt Treanor, a former major league baseball player, danced their way to stardom on Dancing for the Stars (a fundraising competition) in Long Beach, California, under the tutelage of Alex and Midori.

I Love Astoria Ballroom Dance Studio

  • “Alex and Midori, We can’t thank you enough for all of the help, support, and inspiration you gave us on the journey. Matt looked at DVD and says we can do better. We consider you both friends and can’t wait to get together. I know our schedules haven’t allowed us, but Malia wants to see her dancing uncle and auntie,so we will make it happen soon. Thank you so much again, you two are the BEST!! We were so proud to get Best Technique!! Love, Misty and Matt”

    — Misty May

  • “When I discovered Astoria Ballroom, I finally found the quality of teaching I was looking for. I’ve now been taking lessons from Alex and Midori for 9 months and am happy [...] You won’t have to sign a long-term contract, and they do their best to make their students feel welcomed—no matter what your dance level. If you want the best, this is it.”

    — K.C.

  • “It’s difficult to know what to look for when you’re getting into ballroom dancing [...] but Alex and Midori at Astoria Ballroom have what it takes. I had taken introductory lessons at a number of other studios in Orange County, and I always felt that something was missing. I felt like I was learning steps, but that I wasn’t learning how to DANCE. [...] In my search, I didn’t find it; I felt like I was wasting my money, so I gave up on dance. A few years later, I met a student of Alex’s, who, after I explained my frustration with my experiences at other ballrooms in Orange County, told me that Astoria Ballroom was exactly what I was looking for. I called and scheduled my first lesson with Alex. Four years later, I’m happy to say that I found what I was looking for, and I’m thrilled.”

    — A.P.

  • “The facility is beautiful and I felt welcomed as soon as I entered the studio. I took a few group classes and learned a couple of dances, I didn’t have a partner but I had so much fun! I didn’t have to worry about anything during the class [...] But never thought that dancing involved so much depth, lol! I guess that’s what makes dancing look so amazing! Definitely worth experiencing it for sure!!!”

    — M.F.

  • “The old saying: “Those who can’t do, teach” certainly does not apply to the instructors at Astoria Ballroom in Costa Mesa. [...] Their knowledge and awareness of the various learning styles of students, coupled with their in depth knowledge of the dance itself, makes their ability to teach as extraordinary as their ability to dance.”

    — L.P. PHD.

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