Astoria Milonga

Enjoy Argentine Tango with a live-band music, wine, and appetizers.

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[Qualifications]<br> *USTA Certified professional competitor, adjudicator, and dance teacher in International and American styles. *Registered NDCA member <br> <br> [Profile] Alex Milov brings to Astoria Ballroom his vast knowledge of the competitive world of ballroom dance. His experience of competing professionally as a dancer, as well as serving in official competitions around Europe as a judge, make him an especially valuable professional trainer with an impeccable eye. Alex's dance career commenced at age 10, and he has danced his way from that first class being chosen to represent Estonia in the World Championships. <br> <br> He has since competed in numerous prestigious World Championships and helps other dancers go on to become champions in their own right. His European dance career included teaching, setting up dance schools, and organizing competitions. In the US he continued to teach, and has cultivated some of the top dancers in the country. Alex has been awarded the "Top Teacher Award" in many competitions in the United States. (US Championship in FL, Manhattan DanceSport Championship in NY, Northwest Championship in WA, Embassy Ball DanceSport Championship in CA, California Open in CA and more)