Alternative approaches health are more important than ever, especially in times of exploding healthcare costs and sedentary lifestyles.

“Dancing with the Stars” has brought the world of dance into our living rooms, and we get to see up close what a fun and great exercise dance really is. Dance is the activity that helps improve your physical, intellectual, artistic, social, and individual well-being, so why not invite your friends or co-workers to join in the fun? To help you and yours get started on a healthier lifestyle, the Astoria Ballroom is offering a new dance wellness program to both private and corporate groups.

Savvy employers understand that a key to productivity and retention among valued employees involves not only helping these employees maintain good health, but helping them stay motivated, productive and satisfied. There is no doubt that you can inspire employees by introducing athletics or dance training at work, so why not build up team spirit even more by organizing dance activity events on a team day or a holiday party?

Astoria teachers will even do training at your company location, or suitable location of your choice. To learn more, consult with our health program specialist, who can go over program details with your HR professional.

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